Captain Jimmy Waller

Captain Jimmy Waller started fishing at the age of 5 years old with his father. His father was in the Navy for 25 years and spent all of his leave time recreationally and commercially fishing. They had mullet net boats, grouper long liners, and long lined for Yellowfin Tuna. By a very early age, Jimmy had experienced all types of fishing and started working on charter boats at the age of 16. He quickly knew that he wanted to do it for the rest of his life. The first charter boat that he worked on was The Big Adventure; the same boat he Captains today. In the winter months, Captain Jimmy helps run a duck hunting operation and he recently added an inshore boat (The "Lil" Adventure) to the Big Adventure fleet to fish for speckled trout, redfish, sheapshead, pompano and more! Jimmy has a 6 year old son named Briggs.

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Captain Jimmy and "Willie" From Duck Dyansty

Jimmy and his son Briggs

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